… is exploring the relation between traits of humans and of ARCHITECTURE


Introvert , extrovert – behavior – what does it mean? 

Does society context matters how we perceive ourself? 

Does society force us to a certain behavior and what we have to think? 

How we want to be? Which personality we want to be? Can be?

Which reflection do we need? Who and what brings out the truth of ourselves?

During our lifetime we are confronted with certain experiences and emotions – these experiences form our personalities – year for year we are covering our true self with more and more layers – we add one after the other – we learn how society expects us to react -on a certain point we understand it doesn’t make sense to hide our true self, react like society expects us or what the general opinion is like – at this point we understand we have to stand out – we have to show who we really are, although we will be confronted with lack of understanding.

INTROVERT vs EXTROVERT_Muscat_Berlin / 2018

Photo and acryl on canvas paper  24 x 30cm,  31 x 43 cm

Stal Gallery Muscat, Goethe institute Abu Dhabi


Introvert_be_my_guest, 31 x 43 cm

Extrovert_be_my_guest, 31 x 43 cm

Pair ‘Shy’, 2 x 24 x 30 cm