„just throw the little stone against the window with the white shirt“

Photocollage 400 x 150 cm  2010

collaboration funding
Kunsthochschule Weissensee


Federal Ministry of education and research, Germany

Ministry of education, China


When we move about in the world, we perceive situations and things, and subjects and constellations in these situations. We continually compare them with the constructs and schemata that are stored as parts of our inner imaginal world, and then categorize them. We have developed concepts in order to communicate about “the world”, and to engage in exchange about it within a societal consensus. The condition for dialogue is that the thing or issue being discussed is already known in some way, since one cannot explain what a “fish” is to someone who has never seen a fish or a picture of one. The result is that what seems known is always categorized more quickly, since the process of perception always takes place faster the more often we have perceived things that are already known to us. A house is then a house – the image of an house. Time and work are needed to overcome superficiality and apparent reality. The issue here is to break through superficial smoothness and persuasiveness, solipsism and taking things for granted.



The house, consisting of only one module. What appears in seemingly endless repetition becomes a module itself, once again. Orientation made impossible. Girls and boys separated, the residents nonetheless transfer what is “private” into public space, because the most private areas of the house have been moved outdoors: the shower, wash basin and toilet.



exhibition in the Museum of GAFA in Guangzhou / China march 2010


exhibition in the Uferhallen Berlin april 2011

just throw the little stone

2 times 3 is 4 and 3 makes 9 e, I’d make the world how I like

3x Oil on canvas  56 x 62 cm  2010 / Guangzhou


“…whenever we perceive our surroundings, we are the ones who invent these surroundings.” Heinz von Foerster

Three “Shanzhai“- artists in Shenzen / China were given one and the same copy of an original to copy (in their own way). 56 cm x 62 cm oil paintings were requested. Three different originals were the result.


janin walter shanzhai

shhanzhai Janin Walter

shanzhai janin walter

exhibition in the Museum of GAFA in Guangzhou / China march 2010

2x3macht 4 und 3 macht neune

„Productive landscape“,,5588068,00.html

„Productive landscape“

Photocollage 200 x 80 cm  1999

alpenbügeln 1999

The meaning of landscape rests on the tradition of the picturesque: a perception of nature as landscape conveyed throughout the medium of the static picture frame. The detail of the surroundings is always privileged in traditional landscape aesthetics, since the visual focus is selected from a fixed position. The selection of the theme is determined through the representation of the seemingly typical. But nature offers countless points of view for a picturesque perception. One is equally fascinated and irritated. The eye constantly oscillates between various points of view and leads the selection of a single excerpt of nature ad absurdum.

Photocollage 200 x 60 cm  2001

perceptions janin walter

Photocollage 200 x 100 cm  2001

janin walter


Photocollages  2000

Sonja Wedemeyer

Triptichon 3x  100 x 100 cm  2000

janin walter Massvlakte

Photocollage 56 x 60 cm  2000

janin walter und sonja wedemeyer