The relative space

No here but now

Video 16 min. 2009

Editing Tosh Leykum
Sounddesign Jan Giesecke
Kunsthochschule Weissensee
Suicide Circus

The „relative space“ is a system in motion, which is characterized by its fluid states. Within this dynamic conglomeration infrastructure, architecture and landscape  lose their autonomy. It changes constantly, his frame of reference is changing continuously. The „relative space“ is composed of fragments: it combines different situations, places together, the perspectives are different, different dimensions are combined, depending on where the focus is set: the bird‘s-eye view, out of the plane, blurred, like out of the High Speed Train or the flower that just fascinated. The „relative space“ is characterized by shifting vectors He is a-hierarchically. This space is the space of oscillating relations, the co-existing structures, unfinished, a continual process of transformation.

Janin Walter 2009

filmscreening Suicide Circus Berlin 09.2009

Kein Hier aber Jetzt

Kein Hier aber Jetzt

janin walter no here but now