BEIRUT ROOFS I Beirut / Lebanon I 2018

Lynn Kain, Marc Beyrouthy, Al Alam scaffolding, bdw

In the context of Beirut design week 2018 we developed and realized together with local inhabitants an hybrid furniture for the roofs of Beirut.


1. Public spaces are rare in Beirut. After the demolition due to the war, a lot of building activities took place. During the reconstruction processes public spaces were neglected. But public spaces have an important social, economic and environmental values. Their presence is crucial, especially in urban areas with dense populations. They provide possibilities for the community to gather, to exchange opinions and ideas, to build up a social community. Further more public spaces are important for city climate, they provide better air and therefore have an impact on physical and mental health. Since the build space in Beirut is very dense after reconstruction, we believe Beirut need a second layer of public space. We propose to create public spaces on the roofs of Beirut.

2. City design needs to be a collective act. We believe, inhabitant should design the city they are living in since they are experts for their own needs and for the special characteristics of their city.

3. Since cities are growing and get more and more dense in terms of people and traffic, we have to think about solutions to improve the city climate. We believe by designing ‘urban gardening – community spaces’ belonging to the tenants of a residential house – we are able to improve the city climate of Beirut.

jawaberlin, Janin Walter, studio7, Lynn Kain

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TA_KA SUMMERSCHOOL I Roja / Latvia I 2016

In the context of an summer school in Latvia students were asked to develop a concept for an urban intervention according to the characteristics of the space. Within one week they analyzed the existing parameter and developed a concept. The students were working in groups and they realized in concepts in the scale of 1:1.

Kristine Obodova, Jānis Bērziņš,RISEBA

Openingparty 30.07.2016 






project ‘city scape’


50 buildings are hanging from the ceiling in an abandoned building

project ‘two worlds’

Supervision: Janin Walter; Students: Vladislav Nedelev, Eduards Mellups

Supervision: Janin Walter; Students: Vladislav Nedelev, Eduards Mellups

semitransparent wall is dividing the space into two worlds


toy of the cultivated world

working process

IMG_3832 IMG_3834




100 hours urban intervention I Riga / Latvia I 2013

Prof. Ralf Pasel , CODE, institute for architecture, TU Berlin

Architecture as action starts due to the conjunction of social systems and spatial structures. The methodical starting point of the summer school is lying in the intensity of the working process. In a set time frame of 100 hours students developed an urban intervention starting from the conceptual vision, through design development till the implementation and the physical realization in a specific context.

100 hours urban intervention janin walter, ralf pasel

100 hours urban intervention janin walter, ralf pasel

100 hours urban intervention janin walter, ralf pasel

100 hour urban intervention janin walter, ralf pasel

urban intervention janin walter, ralf pasel


spatial installation , Berlin 2010

Zhong Jialing
Federal Ministry of eduction and research, Germany
Ministry of education, China

janin walter und jialing Song

“Thus, to the Greeks everything foreign was barbaric, because as long as something is foreign it remains unjustifiable and therefore both untrue and ugly.” Bazon Brock.

Zhong Jialing and I have sought to approach and understand different cultures, taking everyday life at home as our point of reference. We viewed the distances between cultures, i.e. our distances from each other, as a resource, since it is universally recognized that human perception and the processing of this perception is subject to conditions that in turn depend on the perceiver’s evolution of in the course of his social life. We sought to decode the heterogeneity of justifications for our judgments by means of working with and through daily life.

zong jialing and janin walter

Dunckerstrasse 19

spatial installation + performance, Guangzhou / China 2010

Zhong Jialing
Embassy of China

Janin Walter und Zhong Jialing in Guangzhou

Via our research it became clear that the wish to live “western style” is particularly strong in China, since for most Chinese, “western life = better life”. In fact, neither the furnishings in our apartments nor the typology differed all that much. Where differences did emerge were in the different value systems and differences in the relationship between the “private” and the “public”, the “individual” and the “collective” Just like fashion, designing and furnishing private space can be seen as an expression of cultural and individual identity. Unlike a persons clothing, however, ones apartment or house is one’s point of intersection with the “outside”, with public space. depending on how I relate to my “shell” , I can communicate with the “outside” or withdraw into my private space, withdraw into my shell, thereby conveying my relationship to the “public”, and perhaps to the “collective”. To highlight this difference and to see what results come about when the “private” is transferred into public space, we presented our espective apartment floor plans on a scale 1:1 in China and in Germany. By means of our performative installation in front of the UCITY Art Museum in guangzhou and in front of the Uferhallen in Berlin, we sought to evoke a change in the perception and judgment of the respective “other”.

zhong jialing und janin walter in Berlin


spatial installation and performance 2008

Editing FS8: Elinore Burke / Nathalie Fari / Veronica Lehner / Juliana Piquero / Luisa Stock / Roos Versteeg / Janin Walter / Leentje van Wirdum Technische Leitung: Thor Presse: Bernhard von Kraker / Jennifer Riehn Koordinator: Julia Floegel Kamera: Tosh – Pili / Robert Bienas / Carlos López / Nassar Allamaa Fotograf: Sarah Schoenfeld Sound: Ema Jolly Weitere Künstler: Irene Accardo / Lucas Bleeg / Adriana González / Klaas Huebner / Edyta Jaworska / Alice Kriegel / Roland Laub / Marie / Ilona Nepomnischaya / Sebastian Siechold / Juliana Stiefken / Grit Weihmann / Zaya Zrie / anschläge.de / MontK / with special thanks to Wolfgang Krause
Kunsthochschule Weissensee MontK

artinvasion 2008

A project of the group FS8 on the 31th of May and 1 June 2008 in the context of „Arts Invasion“ of Berlin Art Gallery FS8 is an interdisciplinary group: artists from the visual arts, painting, performance, graphic design and architecture have come together to make strategic spatial interventions. They intervene in public spaces. FS8 investigated strategies to mark situation which had fallen out of the consciousness of inhabitants. They try to make visible latent quaities of spaces of social structures.

jump_Kunstinvasion 2008



fs8 kunstinvasion

kunstinvasion fs8

fs8 kunstinvasion

fs8 Kunstinvasion

fs8 kunstinvasion

fs8 kunstinvasion 2008