„Wabi Sabi 1 – Venedig, Riga, Mersin“

13 x Foto und Acryl 24 x 30 cm  2015

Grit Weihmann, Erika Walter

Wabi Sabi comes from Japan. It is an aesthetic concept regarding the perception of
beauty and constitutes a framework for evaluating Japanese art.
Wabi Sabi is not translatable. It is an elemental concept. Beauty is not the highest value,
but rather the imperfect.



Beauty can be different for every individual. For some it‘s the shiny new buildings
with formless windows, the clean facades, the perfectly cleared plazas, the constantly
mowed lawns and the perfect line of the pruned hedge….
For others, the flower pedals blown in the lawn by the wind can lie there.
The instant inherits an irreplaceable form through the coincidental.
An old barn offers itself as a photo subject because of it can capture the imperfect.
Beauty is seen in the accidental, in the the adolescent and in the imperfect.
City views with traces of life and indications of decay count as such.
Nothing stays as it is. Nothing is concluded, nothing is perfect.









All pictures have a photography as a base. The inherent qualities of the picture are the starting points for the extension of the picture. By thousands of layers of spray paint the artist is creating a new meaning of the building or the city space.